A comprehensive and universal diabetes management system

SInsulclock System

The most comprehensive diabetes management System available today!

It is an integrated System that automatically captures all critical information for easy, fast, safe and comprehensive diabetes tracking and management. Access to your data is available with the click of a button.


Access all your data in one place

Diet, sport, insulin, glucose, notes,... All your diabetes management data in one System.

We know that diabetes is complex and difficult to manage, that’s why we made everything easier with the Insulclock 360 System.


Secure in the knowledge

The Insulclock System supports you to make the appropriate decision for proper diabetes management. Link your glucometer or CGM and our intelligent monitoring disposable insulin pen cap device and much more.

Incorporation of data regarding blood testing, insulin administration, exercise and food in one App which moves all these data to the cloud allowing direct access to your physician or other care givers in real time.

An easy and intuitive app for all the diabetes
management. Test it, it's FREE!


you can share your data with a healthcare professional and improve your diabetes control

Save your meals pic

Easily and simply, the most comprehensive diabetes diary


With the Insulclock system device you can also save automatically your insulin doses taken

Link your glucometer or GCM

Send your blood sugar levels automatically to your app

Monitor your exercise

Save all your workouts in a simple way

Insulin storage temperature

With the Insulclock system you can monitor the insulin storage temperature

An easy and intuitive app for all the diabetes
management. Test it, it's FREE!

With the collaboration

  • Horizonte 2020
  • Enisa
  • Eit
  • CDTI
  • Bizkaia
  • Fundación Jiménez Díaz
  • Hospital General de Segovia
  • Fede

With the collaboration

There is no other similar system.

The System will completely change type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes tracking and management.

The only System in the world encompassing an intelligent monitoring disposable insulin pen cap.

Apply now for access to the Insulclock System for the proper monitoring and tracking of diabetes:

  • Automatic capture of insulin administration data from the Insulclock intelligent insulin pen cap for FlexPen, FlexTouch, Solostar and KwikPen.
  • You can share your data with your clinician easily and in real time.
  • The Telemedicine service will be available with the click of a button through the free Insulclock Diabetes Control App